The Temple College Foundation was established in 1982 to help support Temple College. It is governed by a Board of Directors and led by an Executive Director. The Foundation’s offices are on the Temple campus.

The Executive Director can be found in the Marc A. Nigliazzo Administration Building, and student services, like the Leopard Loan program and the Leopard Pantry, are housed in the Circle of Support Student Resource Center located in the Arnold Student Union.

Board of Directors

Class of 2021

Hope Koch

Beverly Luedke

Class of 2022

Michelle DiGaetano

Jerry Haisler

Tyler M. Jermstad
Vice President

Carol Jones

Bennie Walsh

Ginger Watkins

Class of 2023

John Bailey

Katie Burrows

Alesia Dawson

Doug Gaul

Keith Hagler

Gary Jackson

Tanner Johnson

Virginia Leak

Ex Officio

Dr. Christy Ponce
President, Temple College

Brandon J. Bozon
Vice President of Admin. Serv/CFO Temple College

Director Emeritus

V. W. (Bill) Barge, III


Dr. Evelyn Waiwaiole

Dr. Evelyn Waiwaiole
Vice President of Development &
Executive Director of the Foundation

Suzanne Prcin

Suzanne Prcin
Office Manager

Diana Ray

Diana Ray
Director of Accounts & Reports