Temple College Alumi and Friends want to recognize those who exhibit  the traits of

Leadership, Excellence, Achievement, and Perseverance with the LEAP Awards


LEAP Awards Nominations



Name of Award: Leadership, Excellence, Achievement, and Perseverance (LEAP) Awards

Award Catagories
  • Distinguished Alumnus: Recognizes a Temple College graduate who exemplifies the characteristics of the LEAP award.
  • Meritorious Award: Recognizes a former student, employee, or friend of the college who has accomplished an outstanding achievement or made a significant contribution to the advancement of Temple College.
  • Outstanding Young Alumnus: Recognizes an exceptional young alum (39 or younger in the year awarded) who exemplifies the characteristics of the LEAP award.
  • Outstanding Scholar: Recognizes a current up-and-coming Temple College student leader who exemplifies the characteristics of the  LEAP award.


Eligibility Criteria


  • Distinguished in his or her chosen career, profession, military service, or life’s work
  • Military distinction
  • Service to society
  • Be a person of intergrity
  • Demonstrated ability
  • Renowned (others will be inspired by his/her recognition)
  • Demonstrates an interest in Temple College
  • Recognizes the importance of his/her Temple College degree
  • Winners my live outside the immediate geographic location
  • Current student must be in good standing




  • Has already earned the Distinguish or Outstanding award which my only be awarded once
  • Member of the selection committee
  • Submissions received after the deadline will be considered the following year
  • Current candidate for a public office
  • Current member of the TCAF Board


*Please note:  Applications for qualified non-awarded candidates may be considered for up to two years, after which the application will be removed from consideration.


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