When did you attend Temple College?

I started Temple College during the spring of 2013.

What made you decide to go to Temple College?

When I was a foreign exchange student in Temple, I heard about Temple College from my host family. Most of my host family went to Temple College to take classes or get their associate degrees. When I began exploring the different programs at Temple College, I noticed that even as a community college, Temple College offered a wide range of biological science courses and health science degrees. At a college fair, I learned about the AAS program in Biotechnology which made me decide to attend Temple College.

What were your first impressions of Temple College?

I really enjoyed the campus and the people, they were all very welcoming and friendly. The instructors were very devoted to student success and the campus being small didn’t have the intimidation of a four-year university. The buildings and classrooms were easy to navigate. I was also very impressed with the health science programs at Temple College; for a college of this size, these programs were very well known and very competitive.

How did attending Temple College impact you?

The classes I took at Temple College did prepare me for the remainder of my bachelor’s degree program at Texas A&M University - Central Texas. Specifically, the Biotechnology AAS program included extensive laboratory training which was instrumental to develop my skills to be able to work in a lab and conduct research. Because of the strong foundation that I received from this program, I was able to do internships and work in a lab all throughout my undergraduate years. That foundation coupled with all those years of lab experience was really what allowed me to stand out while applying to different competitive Ph.D. programs.

  • A H M Zuberi Ashraf