Temple College is offering a new resource designed to match students with prospective employers.

The free service is open to all Temple College students, including those who are taking courses through the college’s Business and Continuing Education Division.

Students who want to look for jobs should visit www.templejc.edu/bce and look for the link to the job matching portal. Students will need to create an account using their Temple College email address and upload a resume.

Local businesses can go to the same link and create an account that will enable them to post jobs and look for prospective employees. There is also no charge for businesses to use the service.

Temple College partnered with GradLeaders to offer the new service at the request of local employers.

“We want to support our business communities and provide easy access to jobs for our students,” said Gracie Conner, director of the Business and Continuing Education Division.

For more information on the new job matching portal, call 254-298-8625.