During fall 2020, wellness expert Dr. Patricia Sulak is giving a series of free 30-minute virtual wellness webinars for Temple College employees. The programs are offered live every Wednesday at noon and may be joined by going to the following Zoom link:


Employees who are not able to watch the webinars live can also access recordings of the sessions. Here are links to the sessions that have been presented to date.

  1. Creating a Wellness Mindset

  2. Essential Element #1 – Normal Numbers Now!

  3. Essential Element #2 – Critique Caloric Consumption

  4. Essential Element #3 - Make Movement Mandatory

  5. Essential Element #4 – Halt Harmful Habits

  6. Essential Element #5 – Meticulously Manage Money and Minutes

  7. Essential Elements #6 and #7 – Graciously Give Your Gifts and Forgive: Family, Friends, Foes, Yourself

  8. Essential Element #8 – Passionately Pursue Purpose and Priorities

For more information on Dr. Sulak, visit her website at livingwellaware.com.