The Temple College Adult Education and Literacy program has scholarships available for training and certification for Certified Medical Assistants, Food Service Mangement, Electrocardiography (EKG) Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians and Phlebotomy Technicians.


Registration is open now until slots are filled. Select individuals who meet requirements will receive a scholarship that covers 100% of tuition and certification testing fees. Upon completion, graduates will participate in a job fair with prospective employers.

Clinical Medical Assistants (CMA) carry out procedures, care for patients, perform basic lab tests and administer medications. They work in many types of health care facilities, including hospitals, long‐term care facilities, home health agencies, community health clinics, hospices and physicians’ offices.

Electrocardiography (EKG) technicians work in hospitals, physician offices and other health facilities, and are key members of the medical team. Duties of a EKG technician include conducting electrocardiogram testing, preparing patients for various cardiovascular test, checking quality of recorded data, reporting findings to the attending physician and maintaining cardiography equipment in good working order.

Pharmacy Technicians are health care providers who performs pharmacy-related functions, generally working under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. As a pharmacy technician, you will help the pharmacist package or mix prescriptions, maintain client records, refer clients to the pharmacist for counseling, assist with inventory control and purchasing, as well as collect payments and coordinate billing.

Phlebotomy Technicians work in hospitals, physician offices and other health facilities, and are an important member of the clinical laboratory team. Duties of a phlebotomy technician may include drawing blood, preparing specimens for storage or testing, assembling equipment and verifying patients’ records. A phlebotomist may also conduct patient interviews and screen donors at a blood bank.

The courses will be offered through Temple College’s Business and Continuing Education Division. Those who are selected for the program receive additional training in adult basic education contextualized to fit their core field, soft skills and workforce preparation training.

For more information, contact Marcia Temple at (254) 298-8626 or or Javier Ruiz at (254) 298-8578 or