Leopard Preview Day is first in series of 2023 activities designed to introduce students to “Your Community’s College”

Temple College is inviting current high school students to its inaugural Leopard Preview Day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, Feb. 24 on the Temple campus. This is the first in a series of new and reimagined events, which include open houses and class registration days, to introduce students and the community to the offerings of the College.


During Leopard Preview Day, high school students from throughout the College service area will meet with College staff and faculty and learn about degree and certificate programs in health care, fine arts, technology, engineering, science, math, liberal arts, public service and business. It’s also a time for students to ask questions and learn about higher education, financial aid, scholarships, careers and more.

“Our goals with Leopard Preview Day and all of our recruitment events are two-fold. We want to showcase the many great programs we have here at Temple College, and – most important – we want to inspire students to take the next steps in their higher education journey, wherever that leads,” said Eric Eckert, Temple College’s executive director of strategic communications and outreach.

“Many students believe that college is unattainable from a financial standpoint,” Eckert said. “During Leopard Preview Day, students will learn about financial aid, grant and scholarship opportunities, and they will hear how community colleges work to make college affordable and attainable for everyone.”

Following their time learning about the academic programs, students will have the opportunity to network with faculty and staff during lunch.

“We’re excited about launching this new event,” Eckert said. “We’re hoping that high school students come to campus, spend a few hours with us, have all of their questions answered and walk away with a plan to keep pursuing their education and career goals.”

Students can register and learn more about Leopard Preview Day at: preview.templejc.edu.

Summer and fall applications are open: templejc.edu/apply.

Upcoming Recruitment and Registration Events

Temple College serves a wide range of communities throughout Central Texas, including nearly 20 ISDs. In addition to its campus in Temple, the College offers classes at centers in Taylor and Hutto.

Upcoming events include:

  • 2023 Leopard Preview Day – Feb. 24
  • Open House (Temple Campus) – April 4
  • Open House (Taylor Center) – April 5
  • Open House (Hutto Center) – April 6
  • Fall Registration Day (Temple Campus) – Aug. 1
  • Fall Registration Day (Taylor Center) – Aug. 2
  • Fall Registration Day (Hutto Center) – Aug. 3


Temple College is “Your Community’s College, a dynamic and growing community college that equips thousands of students throughout Central Texas and beyond with the knowledge and skills for 21st-century success. Temple College offers more than 75 degree and certificate programs to students who seek to earn credits for transfer, graduate with an associate degree, or complete a certificate for fast entry into the workforce.

Founded in 1926, Temple College has enjoyed an excellent academic reputation for more than 96 years. It is nationally recognized for excellence in its programs, from visual and performing arts to competitive athletics. The College has become one of the state’s premiere institutions for healthcare providers’ education and training, advanced manufacturing, and workforce development programs. The faculty and staff are committed to providing exceptional quality instruction.