Now accepting scholarship applications for the 2022-2023 school year!

The scholarship application will remain open until midnight on June10, 2022. Award winners will be notified in July.

The Temple College Foundation awards more than 100 monetary scholarships to Temple College students. In addition, the Foundation supports athletes, musicians, artists and allied health students with housing and tuition scholarships.

Our donors have invested their personal wealth to assist students in meeting their goals. This application will determine eligibility for each of the scholarships available through the Foundation. Every application is evaluated for eligibility for every available scholarship. Scholarship recipients are selected according to the donor’s wishes, and will be notified of their award status in July.

Scholarship Application Essay Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which scholarship I should apply for?

When you submit your online application, it’s the only one you need. We will qualify you for all of the scholarships for which you’re eligible. The scholarship committee will then evaluate your application and determine which, if any award they believe you should receive.

How will I know if I’ve gotten a scholarship?

All award recipients will receive an award letter in the mail. It will be sent to the address you provide in your application.

What does it mean if a scholarship says I have to be PELL eligible?

Some scholarships require that a student demonstrate financial need by proving eligibility. In order to qualify for as many scholarship as possible, you should complete a FAFSA form.

Who serves on the Scholarship Selection Committee?

In the past, we have had the following types of people serve on the review committee: a member of the Foundation Board, a member of the Temple College faculty, a major donor, a representative from the Financial Aid staff and a staff representative from the Foundation. The Selection Committee changes from year to year, based on the availability of volunteers.

Why haven’t I gotten my scholarship award yet?

If you have not received your scholarship, please email Diana Ray at